Roger L. Day
Mobile: 970-379-6723


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1972, Michigan Technological University
Board Member, National Oil Shale Association
President, Shadow Ridge Townhome Association
Vice President, Silt Water Distribution System
Past Fire Chief, Mountain Pass Volunteer Fire Department, Ca.
Past School Board Member, Baker, Ca.
Past Chairman, National Oil Shale Association


2017 to present: Sage Geotech Inc. Rifle, CO
Senior Associate: Working on oil shale and other mineral projects

2002 to present: Sesqui Mining, LLC Fort Collins, CO
Co-Owner and Developer; Developing and commercializing Sesqui’s patented borehole configurations and mining processes applicable to trona and nahcolite solution mining and in-situ oil shale processing technology. Patented in both the USA and Turkey.

2002 to present: Antero Engineering, LLC Salida, CO
Consultant: Advancing industrial and natural resource related projects, process technology and operations.

2007 to 2016: American Shale Oil, LLC (AMSO) Rifle, CO
Vice President of Operations: A prime developer of an experimental in-situ oil shale process including advanced directional drilling technology and manager of the research and development pilot project including conception, permitting, drilling and well completion, surface plant design and construction, and pilot plant operation. The research project was primarily funded by Total.

2006 to 2007: EGL Oil Shale, LLC Midland, TX
Technical Team Member and Manager of Field Operations: Process development and commercialization of EGL’s RD&D Oil Shale Lease resulting in the creation of American Shale Oil, LLC.

2000-2002 Natural Soda, Inc. Rifle, CO
President: Formed and managed Natural Soda, Inc., an AmerAlia, Inc. solution mining subsidiary, including business planning/execution/control, Federal Sodium Mineral Leases, water rights, permitting, and competitor acquisition

1998-2000 AmerAlia, Inc. Rifle, CO
Vice President of Operations: Greenfield nahcolite solution mining project – conception, marketing, permitting, process design, EPC contract, debt/equity financing, water rights
1981 to 1998 White River Nahcolite Minerals Project Piceance Basin, CO
Prime Project and Technology Developer: critically involved in all aspects of a unique nahcolite solution mine and sodium bicarbonate production facility including conception, exploration, mining & process technology, lab & pilot demonstration, hydrology, water rights, permitting, financing, design, construction management, directional drilling, horizontal borehole solution mining, process design, intellectual property protection, production management, general management, and marketing for a succession of project owners. This project development involved working for 4 different companies as follows:

1993-1998 White River Nahcolite Minerals, LLP. Meeker, CO
General Manager/Technical Manager
Sodium bicarbonate solution mining and production, expansion, food grade modification, mining, process technology development, and patent protection

1988-1992 Natec, Inc Houston, TX
General Manager 2 years, Mine Manager 2 years: Design, construct and operate the world’s first nahcolite solution mine and natural sodium bicarbonate production facility including exploration, design, construction, operation and intellectual property protection

1987-1988 Industrial Resources, Inc. Denver, CO
Vice President: The creation and funding of Natec, Inc to construct and operate a nahcolite project

1981-1987 Cliffs Engineering, Inc. Rifle, CO
Consultant: Assisting Industrial Resources conceive, permit, design, develop, demonstrate and finance a unique sodium solution mining technology and project including the completion of the world’s first solution mining application of a horizontal borehole connected well pair.

1981-1987 Cliffs Engineering, Inc. Rifle, CO
Senior Engineer: Natural resource project development – conception, engineering, financial analysis, construction, and operation – oil shale, carnallite, nahcolite, gold, gypsum, light weight aggregate, hydro-electric, lime, solution mining, hydrology, water rights

1976-1981 Molycorp, Inc. Mt. Pass Operation, CA
Asst. General Manager, 2 years; Project Engineer 2 years: World’s dominate rare-earth mine; engineering, construction management, and operation; crushing, grinding, flotation, drying, solvent extraction, water supply, water rights

1972-1976 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Mining Company Ishpeming, MI
Project Engineer: Design, construct and startup Empire III and Tilden iron ore mines including design, construction and operation of some of the largest grinding and pyro-equipment in the world

Oil Shale, Nahcolite, and Trona Solution Mining Related Patents and Professional Papers
WIPO WO/2006/023657 – Methods for Constructing Underground Borehole Configurations and Related Solution Mining Methods
USA 8,464,792 – Conduction convection reflux retorting process
USA 8,162,043 – In Situ Method and System for Extraction of Oil from Shale
USA 8,057,765 – Methods for Constructing Underground Borehole Configurations and Related Solution Mining Methods
USA 7,921,907 – In Situ Method and System for Extraction of Oil from Shale
USA 7,611,208 – Methods for Constructing Underground Borehole Configurations and Related Solution Mining Methods
USA 6,660,049 – Process for Control of Crystallization of Inorganics from Aqueous Solutions
USA 4,815,790 – Nahcolite Solution Mining Process
Several USA and WIPO patents pending
Solution Mining Colorado Nahcolite, First International Soda Ash Conference, 1997
White River Nahcolite Solution Mine, Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration Soc, 2008
Oil Shale Review, National Society of Science, 2006
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